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New BeyondX Podcast: The roles of the public, financial and private sectors to decarbonize


Jeffrey Beyer joined the BeyondX podcast host Mahyar Ebrahimi for an extended discussion on how to accelerate decarbonization.

The podcast starts from the beginning by outlining why decarbonization is so important and how we got to where we are on this journey. We then discuss the key driver to accelerating change: finance. Jeffrey outlines the different roles and responsibilities of each player, and suggests some effective ways to structure markets and use incentives to drive sustainable investments.

We also get into the specifics around industrial energy efficiency and decarbonization in the buildings sector, including through Energy Service Companies. Part 1 of this wide-ranging podcast covers:

  • 00:00 Show Intro

  • 00:24 Episode Summary

  • 01:23 Jeffrey's Bio and Introduction

  • 06:25 Why is Sustainability and Decarbonization important?

  • 11:03 Defining the various Green Financing Mechanisms

  • 19:36 The Public Sector's role in Financing Sustainable Projects

  • 27:47 Banks and Financial Sector's role in Green Financing

  • 35:50 Reducing Energy Consumption in Buildings

  • 46:21 Industrial Energy Efficiency

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