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New podcast: Blockchain for transparency in transportation emissions tracking

In a recent episode of "How to Save the Planet", the UAE-based Climate Tribe , in collaboration with the Climate Collective, introduced viewers to the world of blockchain technology in sustainability efforts.

Jui Joshi, a Partner at the Climate Collective who has accelerated 862 startups globally, spoke with Zest Associates Managing Director Jeffrey Beyer and Brazil-based founder Thiago Chaves Ribeiro of C9 Tech, a fintech startup connecting everyday users and businesses to Web 3 virtual currencies.

Ribeiro's groundbreaking work, recognized by an accelerator at COP28, involves tracking the carbon footprints of the transportation sector. Transportation emissions are notoriously difficult to track and attribute, but his platform manages to provide unprecedented transparency in this crucial aspect of the supply chain.

C9's solution leverages blockchain technology to ensure reliable and continuous data, which in turn supports the issuance of green bonds. The bonds, backed by virtual currencies, in turn can be used by banks to finance environmentally friendly initiatives such as the purchase of less polluting trucks.

Ribeiro's ambitions include expanding his operation from Brazil to Dubai, emphasizing the hub nature of the UAE market and the potential for worldwide application of his innovation.

This Climate Collective podcast episode provided a fascinating look at how fintech innovations can help drive sustainability forward, enhancing our approach to protecting the planet.


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