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Transform your world with PhytoPower

Turn contaminated sites into renewable energy fields

Our purpose

We clean up land while producing clean power

PhytoPower is developing technology that produces renewable energy using plants grown on contaminated land, whilst simultaneously remediating the land over time. 

We use the power of plants to remediate mercury-contaminated sites using a process called phytoremediation. Then we use innovative technology to decontaminate the plants we grown and transform them into biogas through anaerobic digestion. 

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PhytoPower's technology

Making clean, safe, renewable gas from plants grown on poisoned land

The technology is a paradigm shift in the fields of remediation and renewable energy. It transforms remediation from an expensive, energy-intensive, environmentally disruptive process into a low cost, low energy, environmentally restorative intervention. And it avoids the food versus fuel debate by utilising non-arable land to produce bioenergy. 

Our innovative technology removes heavy metals from contaminated biomass so that it can be safely turned into biogas. Biogas is a clean, renewable source of energy that can replace traditional cooking fuels, especially in developing countries.


Using an innovative polymer made from waste oils and orange peel, we capture heavy metals like mercury. We then immobilise the polymer to remove the toxins from the environment permanently. This safeguards health and complies with the UN Minamata Convention on Mercury. 

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How it works

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