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Zest Associates Services

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Strategy & Innovation 

We develop strategies for utilities, governments and companies that want to plan for a low carbon future. We help set meaningful objectives, embed governance processes and develop a resourced and time-bound implementation path that confidently sets the direction for change.

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We develop policies that accelerate low carbon transition, create jobs and strengthen economic competitiveness. Our team apply their experience delivering sustainability solutions in more than 30 countries to adapt international best practice to meet your unique needs.

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Capacity Building

We build capability to deliver sustainable solutions for your business, stakeholders and citizens. Our team helps set up clean tech Centres of Excellence that foster green growth industries. We apply global best-practice and compliance standards that match your organisation's requirements. 

Image by Pat Whelen

Green Finance

We identify and evaluate investment opportunities, providing intelligence to investors and project developers, as well as public sector bodies and multilateral institutions. We help investors, developers and governments understand the funding landscape from multiple perspectives to facilitate green finance. 

Container Ship

Trade & Exports

We assess markets to help companies and governments find the most valuable trade destinations. By articulating the unique selling proposition of a product or service and defining the specific gaps in overseas markets, we identify opportunity areas to target corporate sales outreach and inform government trade programmes. 

Digital social media


​We build detailed communications plans that refresh your brand, update your market positioning and differentiate your offer. Our plans segment audiences, tailor your messaging and use the best digital and traditional channels to influence your most important stakeholders. We promote your good work to the audiences that matter to you most. 

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