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Jeffrey Beyer Previews Landmark UAE-UK Study for MENA Climate Week

Updated: Apr 9, 2022

Speaking to an audience at MENA Climate Week 2022, Managing Director of Zest Associates Jeffrey Beyer previewed key insights from a soon-to-be-released study on UAE-UK clean hydrogen collaboration opportunities across a variety of sectors

The study, created in partnership with the World Green Economy Organization and HSBC, seeks to deliver on global climate change priorities, foster bilateral collaboration, and accelerate the industry’s development.

“We are bringing together the key players – big and small – to identify collaborative opportunities and show how cooperation brings mutual benefits to all parties,” said Beyer. “The report will set out the practical steps that the UAE and UK can take to create the conditions for a clean hydrogen market to thrive, while at the same time matching up companies and innovators to catalyse deals and technology development in clean hydrogen.”

In his discussion, Beyer explored areas where collaboration across policy, innovation, trade, and investment can accelerate both countries' clean hydrogen agendas. This includes strengthening economic ties between the regions and expanding the UAE-UK New Energy Partnership, a strategic framework agreement signed last year to bolster the production of hydrogen hubs.

Beyer also delivered early results from a pending survey of experts, who were asked to consider the best ways to promote collaboration.

The responses show strong support for direct government policy like carbon pricing and enactment of net-zero goals, as well as government efforts to support hydrogen producers by stimulating demand, among many other critical perspectives.

Experts and representatives of 42 companies including IRENA, Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), Johnson Matthey Plc, and many more, have given input thus far. We hope to receive even more insight from industry elites, as well as a wider audience of hydrogen stakeholders.

"Survey on Pathways to Advance Collaboration on Clean Hydrogen" is still available for participation. Your voice is vital in solving one of the most urgent challenges affecting the globe today.

Together, we can help answer one simple question: How can the UAE and the UK work together to turn climate ambition into action?


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