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Opening Panel: Potential of hydrogen for a clean, secure, and affordable energy future

Conference speaker
Zest's Managing Director Jeffrey Beyer speaks at the World Utilities Congress

Zest's Managing Director Jeffrey Beyer joined the opening panel of the World Utilities Congress Live Talks session on hydrogen.

Hydrogen continues to gain momentum as a clean alternative energy carrier as net zero emissions strategies across the power and utilities sector start to take shape.

Hydrogen is one of the ways in which energy users can decarbonize, especially in hard-to-abate sectors like heavy industry, shipping and aviation, and heavy-duty transport.

It may also play a role in long-duration energy storage, which will be a critical part of managing electricity grids powered entirely by renewable and non-emitting sources of power.

The panel discussed the latest developments in the hydrogen industry, how to close the large gap between current investment levels and the scale of investment required to reach net zero, and what the future will hold as policy and regulation starts to take shape.

Imteyaz Ahmed, Managing Director of FWPC; Oliver Phillips, Sustainable Finance Lead Africa and Middle East Lead at Standard Chartered; Kosta Jovanovic, Managing Director of Orion Energy Advisors; and Jeffrey Beyer, Managing Director of Zest Associates

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May 28, 2023

Hydrogen is important in the decarbonization drive but not as a source of energy. It is a difficult gas to store and transport as well as it has a low energy content meaning that it is ineffective and inefficient source to rely on in the future. we must recognize these limitations otherwise it will certainly backfire when reality sets in. green Hydrogen can be effective in replacing the current Grey H2 as a feedstock in various applications. It can promote the fertilizer industry needed to feed the hungry world. What is upsetting is that many nowadays talk about H2 and they know nothing about the chemistry and physics of this wonderful gas.

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