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Zest Cleantech

Bamboo in the desert

This company uses bamboo to sequester huge volumes of carbon, and its strain grows in harsh desert conditions


  • This strain of bamboo grows very fast and is tolerant to hot and dry conditions, like those in the Middle East

  • It can be fed with treated wastewater and planted in dedicated areas or alongside roadways to act as a windbreak that stops sand from blowing onto the road

  • The company has planted 2,000 hectares of bamboo in Italy, France and Florida, and a 20,000 hectare land concession in Madagascar that is ready to be planted

Carbon reduction potential

  • The bamboo captures 275 tCO2/hectare/year, about 10 times more than a normal forest

  • These offsets can be produced in Gulf countries, or grown on degraded land internationally

Opportunity to participate

  • The company is looking for investment to carry out planting and infrastructure development on its 20,000 hectare land concession

  • It also seeks additional land in Gulf countries and access to treated wastewater effluent for irrigation

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