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Zest Cleantech

Zest Cleantech connects the world's best innovators with investors, joint venture partners and clients

We accelerate low carbon solutions to help solve climate change. Zest Cleantech is the innovation arm of Zest Associates. 

Sustainable plant protein

This powerhouse plant is 45% protein and grows in shallow, man-made ponds in the desert

Wastewater treatment micronutrient innovation

This zero-CAPEX innovation eliminates odour, improves efficiency, boost plant capacity, and saves energy

Resource recovery from tires

This innovative technology transforms old tires into carbon black, light crude and steel

ESG Monitoring, Reporting and Analytics platform

This SaaS based sustainability solution streamlines GHG accounting, data management, reporting, analytics, risk and supplier assessments to help businesses reach net-zero

Bamboo in the desert

This company uses bamboo to sequester huge volumes of carbon, and its strain grows in harsh desert conditions

Bio-oil from jojoba trees

These jojoba trees grow in dry, hot, saline conditions and produce multipurpose bio-oil whilst sequestering carbon

Synthetic fuels

This highly efficient technology produces synthetic fuels from carbon dioxide and hydrogen

Land remediation and biogas production

This startup turns contaminated sites into renewable energy fields, cleaning up land while producing clean power

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