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Zest Cleantech

Bio-oil from jojoba trees

These jojoba trees grow in dry, hot, saline conditions and produce multipurpose bio-oil whilst sequestering carbon


  • This innovative tree species grows in hot conditions and produces nuts / seeds that are pressed to extract jojoba oil

  • Jojoba oil is used in a range of products, from cosmetics to industrial lubricants to biofuels

  • The company has plantations in Egypt, at King Faisal University, and is currently planting in the UAE

Carbon reduction potential

  • The plants sequester 17-25 tCO2/hectare/year

  • Offsets can be further realized by displacing the fossil oil in the products it replaces

Opportunity to participate

  • A profitable farm requires scale of about 200 hectares, requiring investment between $13 - 22 million

  • The company is seeking land concessiosn and access to treated wastewater effluent

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