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Zest Cleantech

ESG Monitoring, Reporting and Analytics platform

This SaaS based sustainability solution streamlines GHG accounting, data management, reporting, analytics, risk and supplier assessments to help businesses reach net-zero


  • Collects, consolidates and monitors all ESG metrics in a centralized and accessible platform including Scope 3

  • Enables analysis, risk management, supplier assessment and proactive, real-time decisionmaking 

  • Facilitates reporting with a one-click reporting function for any ESG standard (GRI, CDP, BRSR, TCFD etc.) 

Carbon reduction potential 

  • Helps companies measure relevant indicators so they can manage environmental, social and governance priorities 

  • Streamlines data collection and management, allowing for automatic and manual inputs, unlocking standardized reporting from multiple sites and making performance transparent 

Opportunity to participate 

  • The solution is for companies large and small that want to manage data, reduce risk, improve transparency, and facilitate reporting in all ESG standards

  • It supports meaningful and data-driven engagements with all stakeholders: Investors, Regulators, Rating Agencies, Board, Customer, Supply chain partners

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