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Zest Cleantech

Land remediation and biogas production

This startup turns contaminated sites into renewable energy fields, cleaning up land while producing clean power


  • This approach represents a paradigm shift in the fields of remediation and renewable energy generation.

  • This company was founded to develop a technology to produce renewable energy using plants grown on contaminated land, whilst simultaneously remediating the land over time.

  • It uses the power of plants to remediate mercury-contaminated sites using a process called phytoremediation. Then it uses innovative technology to decontaminate the plants and transform them into biogas through anaerobic digestion.

Carbon reduction potential

  • It transforms remediation from an expensive, energy-intensive, environmentally disruptive process into a low cost, low energy, environmentally restorative intervention. 

  • And it avoids the food vs fuel debate by utilising non-arable land to produce bioenergy. 

Opportunity to participate

  • The company is looking for grant funding to bring the technology through Technology Readiness Levels 4 and 5. 

  • It requires access to mercury-contaminated sites and the engagement of farming communities to grow phytoremeidation crops

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