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Zest Cleantech

Resource recovery from tires

This innovative technology transforms old tires into carbon black, light crude and steel


  • Over 4 million tires are scapped every day and their valuable materials are wasted or underutilized

  • Using an innovative patented process, this company transforms tires into their constituent parts: recovered carbon black, light oil and steel

  • The facility handles tire shred (rather than tire crumb) fed in a continuous process, dramatically reducing energy intensity and mechanical wear

  • It uses a hybrid heating process without the need for physical agitation, lowering temperatures and eliminating dust

Carbon reduction potential

  • Recovered carbon black is 89% less emissions intensive than virgin carbon black

  • Tire recycling process is more efficient and less energy intensive than traditional methods, significantly reducing emissions

  • Transforming tires into recovered resources is a circular economy solution that avoids the need for virgin raw materials

Opportunity to participate

  • The company is looking for waste management authorities and operators that want to realize value from scrapped tires

  • The modular plant allows for different scales, starting at 25 tonnes per day and going to 100+ tonnes per day

  • Return on investment is very high, and grows as facilities scale up

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