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Zest Cleantech

Sustainable plant protein

This powerhouse plant is 45% protein and grows in shallow, man-made ponds in the desert


  • This high-protein plan grows in desert environments in simple, shallow ponds fed by treated wastewater.

  • The plant doubles in volume every day, and can be harvested daily and dried onsite in the sun.

  • It's a local source of protein (the lentils are 40-50% protein by dry weight) that can be used in animal feed or refined into a protein isolate for human consumption.

  • The plant supports food security, carbon mitigation, regenerative agriculture, and 11 UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Carbon reduction potential

  • The plant itself can sequester 100 tCO2/hectare/year

  • The carbon offset methodology is currently being developed, which will find even more emissions savings (e.g. from replacing soya in animal feed)

Opportunity to participate

  • The company is looking for landholders with a minimum of 25 hectares of flat land to deliver good commercial returns

  • A minimum of US $5 million is required to deploy the farm, but the investment can be much larger

  • It delivers a strong return-on-investment in year 1

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