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Zest Cleantech

Synthetic fuels

This highly efficient technology produces synthetic fuels from carbon dioxide and hydrogen


  • This technology manufacturer uses special catalysts in a machine to combine inputs of hydrogen and CO2 or to use syngas to create e-synfuels (e-methanol, e-kerosene (SAF), e-crude, e-methane)

  • It has built projects in Europe and North America

  • Opportunity to produce direct, low carbon substitutes for fossil fuels, not requiring any updates to end-use equipment

Carbon reduction potential

  • This would directly reduce the Scope 1 emissions from users of methanol, aviation fuel, or other fuels derived from crude

  • It can use exhaust gases from waste pyrolysis and bolt on to carbon capture technology to utilize the CO2

Opportunity to participate

  • The company is looking for clients that want to produce synthetic fuels

  • The cost is variable and depends on the scale of the plant. The technology is modular

  • The client needs is a physical space, and sources of power, hydrogen and CO2 to produce the synthetic fuel

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