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Zest Cleantech

Wastewater treatment micronutrient innovation

This zero-CAPEX innovation eliminates odour, improves efficiency, boost plant capacity, and saves energy


This innovative wastewater treatment solution is a liquid, non-chemical, non-toxic micronutrient added to the wastewater intake stream that accelerates the bacteria that break down organics whilst suppressing the bacteria that produce smell. It results in:

  • 98% reduction in odour

  • 25% improvement in energy efficiency (less aeration)

  • 20-25% less sludge

  • 20-25% increase in biogas

  • 25% increase plant capacity with no CAPEX

Carbon reduction potential

  • Increase biogas production and capture can offset the energy consumption of the plant

  • Energy efficiency gains mean less energy to run the plant, leading to carbon savings

  • The innovation leads to lower operating costs, fewer chemicals, fewer trucks to remove dewatered solids, and less staff turnover from an improved work environment

Opportunity to participate

  • This company is seeking wastewater treatment plants operators that want to improve performance and are willing to test the product to demonstrate its efficacy

  • The cost of the solution depends on the dimensions of the plant. It often generates more savings than it costs (more biogas, less chemicals, less trucks, bigger plant capacity, less staff turnover)

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