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Zest Cleantech officially launched

Updated: 2 hours ago

We're thrilled to launch Zest Cleantech, our innovation arm that connects the world's best innovators with investors, joint venture partners and clients. We accelerate low carbon solutions to help solve climate change.

Zest's launch
Zest's Managing Director Jeffrey Beyer launches Zest Cleantech at a sustainability roadshow

At Zest, we are all about accelerating climate action by taking concrete, specific steps to move from ambition into action. That's why we're excited launch Zest Cleantech, Zest Associates' innovation arm.

"I formed Zest Cleantech because I'm committed to deploying practical, on-the-ground climate solutions," said Jeffrey Beyer, Zest's Managing Director.

At Zest, we recognized that top-quality international innovators are searching for investment, partnerships and end-users, but need help identifying them and being connected.

We also saw that cleantech investors are on the hunt for game-changing technologies that solve real problems, advance decarbonization and generate competitive returns on investment.

Finding mutually beneficial matches between sustainability businesses, technology users and investors is Zest Cleantech's driving purpose.

"I've worked in cleantech innovation for over a decade, launching national innovation Centres of Excellence and establishing innovation units in utilities and for renewable energy," said Beyer. "When I see a groundbreaking cleantech innovation, I know it, and I want to help these companies scale up."

Zest Cleantech is initially focused on five areas:


Includes PEM electrolysis, catalytic synthesis, low-pressure storage and other novel methods.


Capturing carbon dioxide using solid sorbents, liquid solvents and bio-based (algae) techniques. Utilization in synthetic fuels, chemicals, polymers and agriculture.


New ways of recovering valuable raw materials from waste and pollution. Includes tire reverse polymerization and phytomining of contaminated sites.


Agri-food technologies to grow plant-based protein and bio-oils in desert conditions. Regenerative agriculture that strengthens food security and mitigates climate change.


Proven wastewater technology to virtually eliminate smell, reduce operating costs and increase plant capacity. Applications in municipal and industrial wastewater, and agricultural and solid waste streams.

If you are an investor or are looking for cutting-edge solutions in these areas, please let me know. If you're a leading innovator looking for exposure to potential clients, partners and investors, please get in touch to see if Zest Cleantech could help.

We invite you to regularly visit Zest Cleantech's webpage to see other exciting new innovations as they are the group of leading clean technologies.


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