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New panel: Startups integrating sustainability to attract investors

Updated: Apr 21

In an panel facilitated by EquityMatch, a UK-based company connecting startups and investors, business experts explored how startups can weave sustainability into their business models.

Panelists included:

Jeffrey Beyer, Founder and Managing Director of Zest Associates

Stephanie Krubsack, Founder of Purevant Living and Women Who Kayak

Federico Magalini, Director of Sustainability Services at dss+ Consulting

Rajeshwar Bachu, sustainable investor and founder of Zero-Carbon GmbH

Dr. Christina Zhang, Vice Chair of the UN Metaverse Working Group on Sustainability

Key takeaways from this discussion included:

  1. Integrating a value lens approach to sustainability in business can mitigate risks and provide cheaper, more attractive financing options. Sustainability research can also propel unexpected innovations in the cost-cutting side of a business.

  2. Rather than just a differentiator, sustainability should be considered an essential for an exceptionally performing business. Consumers are increasingly favoring companies with strong sustainability positions.

  3. Sustainable investing is rapidly growing, with a market valued at $2 trillion and projected to grow by 22% annually, new financing commitments emerging, and performance exceeding that of the S&P 500.

  4. Startups are uniquely positioned to take advantage of emerging technologies like AI and the Internet of Things (IoT), flexibly integrating them into their operations. Blending sustainability and technology into their growth strategies will make them far more attractive to informed investors.


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