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New Podcast: Energy transition - moving forward

Jeffrey Beyer interviewed by Daxita Rajcoomar, Chief Sustainability Officer, Africa, Middle East and Asia, ENGIE

This wide-ranging covers many topics, including:

  • Where are we at present in the energy transition journey both regionally and in a global context?

  • What does the energy mix of the future look like?

  • What are the biggest barriers to delivering or scaling the energy transition commitments, whilst maintaining the energy security of the future?

  • How is hydrogen driving the energy transition?

  • What are the plans for the public and private sectors to rationalize and preserve energy consumption? Is it possible to cooperate between the two sectors in this regard?

  • Does decarbonization demand rapid decentralization and will it encourage private sector to adopt cleaner energy solutions?

  • Ahead of COP28, how can UAE lead the way in energy transition for the region and position itself globally to support energy security?


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