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New podcast: Localizing and commercializing Green Hydrogen

Rapid global energy demand growth must be met in a way that preserves the planet and creates economic opportunity. Green hydrogen presents a clean and scalable energy storage solution that will help to pave this road forward.

As a progressive zero-carbon solution for heavy industry high emitters, green hydrogen is already a key component of many countries' strategic plans. According to McKinsey, it could dominate the global hydrogen supply mix with a majority of market share by 2050. As production costs continue to decline, GCC nations are positioned well to take advantage of great opportunity.

Zest Associates Managing Director Jeffrey Beyer recently moderated Episode 15 of the Future Energy Insights podcast that highlighted this crossroads of hydrogen opportunity. Joining Beyer were:

  1. Frank Wouters, who is the chairman of the MENA Hydrogen Alliance and serves on the advisory board of Dii Desert Energy

  2. Wietse ter Veld, who brings a wealth of subject matter expertise to his role as the Middle East Clean Hydrogen Expert at AtkinsRealis

Click the icon to access the episode.

They raised several key points throughout the discussion, highlighting some of the most important questions for hydrogen decision makers.

  1. Industry innovates, but the government should build the "hydrogen backbone". Wouters underscored the importance of a supportive policy and infrastructure backbone.

  2. Innovations in storage will be crucial. Green hydrogen is currently impractical to store at the volumes needed, but this is rapidly changing with subsurface storage and must continue to do so.

  3. Future cost reductions will come. Currently, hydrogen production is very capital intensive. However, increased electrolyzer capacity will reduce these costs.

The future of green hydrogen will involve a balanced approach between local production for domestic use and strategic exports. Continue tuning in to the Future Energy Insights podcast for an in-depth look at pressing sustainability and energy topics.


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