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New podcast: The role for AI in re-shaping future energy

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Episode four of Future Energy Insights explores the role of AI in the future of sustainable energy.

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AI-generated data is helping to optimise energy efficiency, improve supply and demand predictions, and increase grid flexibility.

Indeed, some believe AI might be the key to answering the long-standing trilemma of providing affordable, safe, and sustainable energy.

But will its long-term environmental footprint make us bad ancestors? And how do we regulate machine learning and protect the jobs it will inevitably replace? In this episode of Future Energy Insights, we examine the role for AI in the future energy space and discuss how we can future proof technology to ensure it is used to the advantage of all.

Future Energy Insights host Jeffrey Beyer is joined by Rui De Sousa, Industry & Value Advisor at SAP, Khurram Hamid, author and Co-founder of the Web 3 institute and Dr Patrick Noack, Director of Dubai Future Foundation.

Future Energy Insights is a new podcast from the World Future Energy Summit that seeks to address the biggest challenges shaping the future of energy today, both in the Middle East and around the world.


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